Margaret Kjelgaard PhD, CCC-SLP

/Margaret Kjelgaard PhD, CCC-SLP

Margaret Kjelgaard PhD, CCC-SLPFaculty, Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

    Margaret Kjelgaard - RMUoHP FacultyDr. Kjelgaard has dedicated her career to understanding cognitive mechanisms involved in the differences observed in developmental disorders, especially autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She completed her PhD in psychology at Northeastern University in Boston where she studied the contribution of prosody, or the rhythm and tune of speech, to human language comprehension. During her clinical training in CSD at MGH Institute of Health Professions, her research focused on issues related to language difficulties in ASD, especially those related to prosody. Her research has also aimed at testing a new theory of ASD, as a disorder of prediction, in which it is suggested that this one fundamental cognitive difference may underlie many aspects of the autism phenotype, including language disorders. She is currently an editor for the Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research and has served as an associate editor in the past for the Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools.

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