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The information contained on this website includes references for information which may be important in helping consumers make educated decisions regarding their attendance at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP). Topics are listed in conjunction with the link to the website or document which contains the related information. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the University at 801.375.5125.

Financial Aid Information

To help both current and prospective students understand their potential future opportunities, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions discloses certain information.

To see this information, please go to the Department of Education’s College Navigator website.

General Information

  • School Accreditation – Accreditation
  • Disability Accommodations – Accessibility Resource Center
  • Degree Programs Offered – Academics
  • School Facilities – Campus Information
  • List of Faculty and Other Instructional Personnel – Faculty List
  • Student Body Diversity –
  • RMUoHP Graduates and Job Placement –
  • Retention Rates – Graduation rates for all programs as of September, 2015:
    Program Students Graduated Graduation Rate
    DNP 203 170 84%
    DPT(entry) 132 128 97%
    DSc/Phd 335 209 62%
    MS 168 144 86%
    OTD 429 397 93%
    tDPT 427 401 94%
    Total 1694 1449 86%

    *In April 2010, the maximum completion timeline was changed to 8 years.

  • Vaccination Policy – “Hepatitis-B Virus (HBV) Vaccinations: HBV vaccination is mandatory for most clinical sites. Any exceptions must have a qualified, sign waiver. (DPT Student Handbook)
  • Copyright Policy – University Handbook

Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse Information

The following items are available in the campus Clery Report.

  • Drugs and Alcohol Standard of Conduct
  • Local, State, and Federal Laws of Unlawful Possession, Use, or Distribution of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol
  • Available Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Treatment, or Rehabilitation Programs
  • Health Risks Associated with the Use of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol
  • Standard of Conduct: Expulsion, Termination of Employment, and Referral for Prosecution

Campus Security Information

The following items are available in the campus Clery Report.

  • Clery Act (Campus Security)
  • Reporting Criminal Actions or Emergencies
  • Campus Security and Access to Campus Facilities
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Campus Security Procedures and Practices
  • Crime Prevention
  • Monitoring and Recording Policy of Criminal Activity
  • Statement of Policy Regarding the Possession, Use, and Sale of Illegal Drugs and Enforcement for Federal and State Drug Laws
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse Education Programs
  • Sex Offense Policy
  • Definition of Campus Security Authority
  • Good-faith Effort to Obtain Statistics from the Local Police Department
  • Policy and Process for Timely Warnings of Crimes
  • Emergency and Response Evacuation Policy
  • Missing Persons

Other Important Information