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WebStudy Tutorial Videos and Aids

Technical / Computer Information

  • Technical RequirementsIn Detail! Links and additional info about student tech requirements.
  • Tech FAQs. Answers to the tech questions students ask most often!

Additional topics:

  • Headsets2014. Explains different types of computer headsets and recommendations for students.
  • “Netiquette” Guide. These are the guidelines for online communication as a student at RMUoHP.

PowerPoint How-Tos:

For beginners, start at this website: wikiHow.

For additional tips (authored by Dr. Malissa Martin): PowerPoint 101

For everyone: Read This: Important Steps: PowerPoint Presentation Essentials to do after you’ve completed your PPT (before presenting or submitting to WebStudy, If there are videos or photos embedded!)

iThenticate: (Post-professional and Masters student only)

“iThenticate” is the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology used worldwide.  Within minutes, this service can identify similar or matched content, allowing authors to catch unintended duplication or uncited references prior to submitting a paper. An iThenticate account is either provided automatically to students or can be requested by contacting Jan ([email protected]).

Students receive an email from iThenticate when their account has been created and will have unlimited free use of iThenticate until graduation. Students are encouraged to use the system to check all of their written work. On occasion, faculty may require students to submit a “Similarity Report” to WebStudy for a particular written assignment. This report (a .pdf document) may be submitted with or in place of the final assignment document.

Please watch this short video instruction. If you would like more detailed information, check the iThenticate website and/or their User Manual.

Online Learning Tips:

  • Log-in frequently. Students are responsible for participating in course activities, including required Forums (threaded discussions),and should log-in to the system multiple times per week (or as required by your courses). For clarification on individual course requirements, contact the faculty.
  • Change your password.To ensure confidentiality of your grades, change your password upon logging into the system. To do so, hover over the Personal tab and click About. Change your password in the two password fields, then, to save your changes, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  • Read. Make sure to read the instructions for each activity. Follow help-manuals and tips. Note that on the WebStudy homepage there is a Success Tips link. Refer to this link and RMUoHP’s tutorial for assistance.
  • Take tests carefully. When taking tests, do NOT close your web browser until you have submitted your test. Also, double-check your responses before submission. It is easy for laptop users to accidentally click on the sensitive touchpad and change the answer inadvertently.

For WebStudy assistance, review the university’s and WebStudy tips and tutorials above.Contact WebStudy directly or contact the university for additional assistance.

  • Forgot your password? Contact RMUoHP WebStudy Support – [email protected], 801-375-5125 (Regular Office Hours)
  • WebStudy Technical Support (24/7) – 888-326-4058, select option 3
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