What Our Students Are Saying About the OTD Program

///What Our Students Are Saying About the OTD Program
What Our Students Are Saying About the OTD Program 2017-08-16T10:47:04+00:00

Participation in the Post-professional OTD program at RMUoHP not only helped me learn and evolve as a clinician, but also helped me rediscover the beauty of occupational therapy. It renewed my passion for my discipline. My participation in the Work and Health track opened my eyes to new and exciting applications for my training, and has opened up professional possibilities that I had never realized or considered.

Ellenmarie Brady, OTR/L, RN

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. The program provided enough rigor to develop my clinical skills to become an evidence-based practitioner as I continued to work full-time.

Beverly Motin, MS, OTR/L

I have been so impressed by the students in my cohort in the occupational therapy clinical doctorate program at RMUoHP. I have made friends that will last for a lifetime. This experience has expanded my professional network and horizons and I am thankful for this experience! Thank you!

Amy Vaughan, OTR/L, BCP
Lead Occupational Therapist, Burrell Behavioral Health
Springfield, Missouri

My post-professional education at RMUoHP has increased my clinical knowledge and leadership skills to influence others for greater outcomes.

Claudia Cirrincione OTR/L
School-based therapist
District 303

RMU provides an doctoral education in occupational therapy that is both challenging and rewarding. Although this program is demanding, I have learned so much about evidence-based practice and scholarly application in practice. This has made the rigor of 15 months worth every bit of my hard work. I couldn’t be happier with the program and my achievements.

Deborah A. Chilelli-Boru, OTR/L
Bergen Hand Therapy, LLC 60 Grand Avenue,
Englewood, NJ 07631

The OTD program was rigorous and stressful at times, but also invigorating and inspiring. I have a renewed passion for occupational therapy and feel prepared to be a leader in my field thanks to my continued education at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Nicole Miller, OTD, MOTR/L,
Centennial BOCES,
Greeley, CO

This was a wonderful place to continue my professional education

Barbara Johnson, LOTR

RMUoHP was a great experience. I gained a vast amount of knowledge, professionalism, and leadership that has truly helped me grow as a practitioner and as a person. Could not be happier with the gains I have made.

Jenna Thacker, OTR/L ProRehab, P.C. Evansville, IN

The OTD program of RMUoHP is well-designed for working occupational therapists seeking advancement in their respective practice setting.

Francis Cuyugan, OTR/L

The caliber of the OTD faculty at RMUoHP is remarkable. They provided a supportive, coordinated, collaborative learning experience that exceeded all of my expectations. I would never have imagined that I could develop such a strong network of colleagues and friends in a mostly online program.

Kimberly Masker, MSOT, CHT
(OTD August 2015)

I have been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. Much of my career has been spent working for a world renowned academic medical organization in both clinical and leadership roles. Seeking a doctoral degree at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has enabled me to further pursue professional avenues both within and outside my organization as well represent and advocate for the OT profession in various ways in academic, clinical, community and leadership environments.
Best decision I made for personal and professional development. Thank you RMU!

Tina Sauber
Scottsdale, AZ

“Getting a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree in the hand therapy track at RMUoHP has been the best move for my career both personally and professionally. My practice, my clients and my energy to contribute to the profession have benefited from my education.”

Lori Algar, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

“Over the past 24 years I have enjoyed a very fulfilling career as an occupational therapist. To keep up with current graduates, I really wanted to get my OTD, but did not think it would be possible. I had one year left before my own kids would start heading to college. I looked into the RMUoHP program and was hooked on the pediatric science specialty that could be completed in 3 semesters, 11 months. As it turns out it’s one of the best decisions I have every made! The RMUoHP OTD program has provided me with an education and practical integration of evidence-based methods and leadership skills. Through the web-based learning and onsite coursework, I have developed a network of colleagues from across the country and transformed my clinical skills to a level that I never realized existed!”

Yvonne Cosentino, OTR, OTR/L
OT for Kids
Springfield, IL

“I graduated from the OTD program in 2011 following the elective track of Practice Management and Administration. The experience has been one of the best educational experiences I have had. With the assistance of our Graduate Program Director, Dr. Elysa Roberts and the highly experienced faculty, I have achieved a wonderfully didactic education. The curriculum was challenging and fulfilling. It allowed me the opportunity for independent study while requiring a great deal of accountability. The courses challenged my thinking and honed my writing skills. For me the greatest challenge was the understanding of Evidence-Based Practice; how to ask the right questions and how to find the answers that would allow me provide the best treatment possible for my patients, and how to implement them. The elective track of Practice Management and Administration had greatly influenced my managerial skills. Approximately 6 months following my graduation, I received a promotion to the Director of Clinical Services at my place of employment. I feel that the education and skills training received from RMUoHP greatly influenced my employers in selecting me for the position. I speak with many Physical and Occupational Therapists regarding my choice of institutions and recommend RMUoHP at every chance. I am truly grateful for this fine institution, administrators and faculty for their fine work and pray that they continue to educate and challenge all health professionals.”

William Russell Blaylock, OTR, OTR
Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute
Mesquite, TX

“I have always been interested in teaching and hope to one day be a professor of occupational therapy. After one year of working in brain injury rehabilitation, I felt ready for a new challenge. I had started to feel like I was following a routine and did not always have evidence to support my interventions. I pulled out information that I had collected from conferences as a student and started doing research on the OTD degree. I pursued the post-professional doctorate after I heard positive feedback from graduates and found out RMUoHP was accredited. I have completed this program knowing that the OTD is a crucial step towards my goals in academia. Being a fairly new graduate/novice clinician gave me a unique perspective on the courses. Clinical experience was critical in helping me understand concepts that I was not prepared for as a graduate student. I have gained skills in evidence-based practice that will help me continue to be a skillful practitioner. I was very pleased with the education I received at RMUoHP and feel that it will enhance my practice and propel me into leadership in occupational therapy.”

Dianna Medina, OTD, OTR
Transitional Learning Center
Galveston, TX

“The reason I pursued the OTD was to better myself as a Rehab Manger and to set up the possibility for teaching at the university level once I retired. Rocky Mountain was the perfect fit for me as all of the classes were pertinent to my job as a manager as well as a way to encourage and challenge my staff. I have no doubt that my vision and plan for my department has changed and is stronger as a result of my experience and classes at RMUoHP. In the end, I hope that my patients and families will benefit – and isn’t that what it is all about? I found that through my time as a student, I was constantly applying my knowledge – I did not have to wait until I graduated. Although the path was difficult, the constant application within our Rehab Center was an encouragement to me and made me want to learn more – and even try harder. I find it interesting that I also seemed to receive a respect from persons throughout my organization as well as included on projects I may have never seen before. I seemed to have also gained a certain level of confidence and critical thinking that I have not experienced before – and this has positively impacted my performance as a manager. Lastly, upon submitting my final assignment I was contacted to teach at a prestigious university. I recently completed my first semester of teaching and have been asked to return. In the end, I met all of my goals that I desired – and then some!”

Sue Harlow, OTD, OTR/L
TriHealth – Good Samaritan Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

“Getting my OTD at RMUoHP was the greatest thing I ever did (besides becoming an OT).I loved the classes, the professors, the staff, and the location. The scheduling of assignments was done brilliantly, staggering them so that I could work steadily and not be overwhelmed throughout the sessions. I am amazed at all that I learned during my education at RMUoHP. Since completing my degree, I refer back to lessons constantly, and have gained confidence in myself beyond my imagination. I would recommend this program to anyone who is seriously ready to propel themselves to a new level.”

Jennifer Wells, OTD, OTR
Therapy Management Corporation (West Palm Beach, FL)
Juno Beach, FL

“My experience completing the pediatric elective track in the occupational therapy doctoral program has been a truly wonderful professional and personal experience. The time spent on campus meeting fellow students from around the US was really fun. It has been a privilege to learn with such an awesome group of professionals. The camaraderie and support from students around me in addition to the faculty at RMUoHP made even the most difficult assignments manageable. I can honestly say that all assignments were in some way directly applicable to the patient care I was providing, making for a very meaningful learning experience.”

Abby Fry, OTD, OTR/L
St. Luke’s – Elks Children’s Rehab
Boise, ID

“Obtaining my OTD from RMUoHP was such a positive experience. I met and was mentored by amazing faculty who challenged me and encouraged me both personally and professionally. The mentor for the CHT track, Sue Michlovitz is a true inspiration and educator who has the unique gift for empowering her students. Not only did I gain a new appreciation for evidence- based practice, but I was also challenged to continue on the journey to participate in improving the evidence and treatment for those individuals we serve.”

Nancy Wesolowski, OTD, OTR/L, CHT
Mackarey & Mackarey Physical Therapy
Clarks Summit, PA

“RMU’s curriculum is ideal for practicing clinicians. I utilized current clients and clinical scenarios for my case studies and research assignments. The knowledge I obtained directly and immediately increased my effectiveness as an occupational therapist.”

Robyn Wu, MS, OTD, OTR/L
St. Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services
Meridian, Idaho

“I am pleased and honored to be the first OT graduate of Rocky Mountain University. I chose RMU because of the innovative approach to learning. Long distance independent study, plus on-campus studies made it possible for me to complete my education according to my personal learning needs and abilities. I found the administrative staff to be easily approachable, concerned about my success and always open to feedback. My professors were stimulating, supportive and encouraging. They were especially helpful with my dreaded subject, statistics. My advisor and statistics professor thoroughly counseled me in a most supportive manner until I felt I had a thorough grasp on the subject. It was just what I needed to successfully complete my requirements. Coursework required active study and continual work, which enhanced my knowledge and understanding of our profession. PT and OT classmates were a delight. Students were excellent clinicians, academics, authors, and experts in their field. I found the time spent on campus, with the students, to be the highlight of the program. Lifetime friendships were made during the RMU experience. My entire experience at RMU, from beginning to end, was a pleasure. The RMU curriculum prepared me to participate in the active research that I am doing today, and helped me to understand the clinical value and usefulness of a scientific approach in the occupational therapy profession. I strongly recommend the RMU program to any busy clinician who enjoys working independently, but still seeks a supportive learning environment. The RMU program offers the best of both worlds.”

Vanessa M. Dazio, OTD, OTR/L, (D) ABDA
SAFE Aging
New Port Richey, FL

“I enjoyed my learning experience at RMUoHP and never regretted my decision to pursue my OTD. While balancing work, school and family may be difficult at times, it was well worth my efforts. I received a promotion at my workplace accompanied by an increase in salary immediately following completion of my coursework. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of seeking an OTD to attend RMUoHP!”

Loriann Helgeson, OTD, OTR/L
Bluffdale, UT

“The post-professional programs at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions offer academic excellence for the Occupational Therapy Professional without interrupting your professional responsibilities or social commitments. The faculty is academically supported with various educational achievements, years of clinical experience, and work very hard with the individual student to comprehend and master the class material. The information in the classroom is cutting edge for the profession of Occupational Therapy. This model allows the Occupational Therapy professional to strengthen clinical practice and enhance professional worth in Occupational Therapy. The staff at RMUoHP are wonderful people who go out of their way to assist the post-professional student to be successful while on campus as well as off campus via the web.”

Sandra Pugh, OT, OTD
El Dorado, AR

“Completing this post-professional degree increased my confidence in seeking out leadership roles. Although I have been a busi­ness owner for 22 years, I have never worked on a national project. The leadership class taught by Dr. Sweetman provided me with the inspiration and motivation to serve in a leadership capacity for the AOTA.”
“My favorite part of the program is the relationships I made along this journey. I have met and worked with amazing clinicians. These connections will stay with me for a lifetime. Many of us within the cohort continue to communicate with one another on a weekly basis. Working with stellar clinicians has been the most rewarding part of pursuing this degree.”
“I own 3 busy outpatient therapy centers in central Virginia. Balancing my career, my family, and my education was a major chal­lenge. However, the faculty were very supportive during this process. This hybrid program, although it is very rigorous, is feasible for the working professional.”

Ellen Hudgins, OTD APM alumna

The OTD program was a valuable asset to my career. The time and monetary commitment was well worth it. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Amy Kashiwa, OTR/L Bellingham, WA

RMUoHP provided me with a stellar OTD education that enhanced my ability to be an evidence-based practitioner and OT educator. This experience enabled me to grow professionally and personally while shaping my confidence. In addition to the amazing faculty, I developed close relationships with peers in my cohort. The rich, student-centered learning experience made my time at RMUoHP enjoyable and exciting. Although the majority of my class time was spent through on-line learning experience, I never felt alone. The on-campus visits were set-up scheduled in a way that made it easy for me to continue working my full-time job as an OTA program director and this e pertinence further enhanced so many areas of my career. I would encourage anyone to follow their dream of becoming an OTD. RMUoHP can certainly help you achieve your goals with a reasonable, high quality, and cost-effective education.

Jennifer K. Renshaw
OTD Cohort 24 OTA Program Director
Wilmington, NC

RMUOHP provided a challenging and positive environment which allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am very thankful that I moved forward with my decision to advance my knowledge and career.

Michele Karen Johnson, OTR/L
Duluth Edison Charter School
Duluth, MN

I am excited to begin my path as a scholar and life long learner. I have learned and gained so much from this program and look forward to contributing to our professions Centenniel Vision. The design of this program has propelled my confidence, evidence-based practice skills, clinical skills and leadership capability and I will be forever grateful to the faculty for their professionalism, guidance, caring and compassion through the process.

Tracy Chism, OTR/L, CHT
Select Physical Therapy
Los Angeles, CA

RMUoHP provided an environment of rigor and encouragement. My practice has grown through evidence based practice. My passion for occupational therapy has intensified and I’m a proud OT.

Suny Faradj-Bakht, OTR/L

The OTD has launched my career into an area that I never dreamed would be in reach for me as an occupational therapist! Thank you Dr. H and Dr. S

Christy A. McDonald OTR/L

“With a limited residency model, the RMUoHP degree programs are designed for the working professional. I was able to continue practicing full-time as a clinician while working on my degree. The RMUoHP staff and expert instructors were the heart of the program. They, as well as the students, brought multi-disciplinary clinical knowledge and expertise from all areas of the world. I have and will continue to recommend RMUoHP as the university of choice for the working healthcare professional.”

Kara Baxter

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