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“The program is rigorous, but it is expected since is a Doctoral level education. Faculty are impressive with accomplishments and involvement in the community. The support received during my education was indescribable.”

Jose Diaz Leo (DNP)

“Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) is a hidden gem in the Rockies! I came across an ad for this school during my search for a graduate nursing program and I am glad I took a leap of faith and applied. My experience at this institution has been nothing but amazing. The quality of faculty and the university facilities were all vital to our learning experience. Led by Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at RMUoHP should be your first choice in selecting where to get your doctorate!! The DNP program was challenging yet suitable for anyone with a busy schedule. The relationships formed at this university will be everlasting, the networking opportunities that are gained at RMUoHP will greatly impact our everyday practice. I am forever grateful of the opportunity to study at RMUoHP and now a proud alumnus of this great university!”

Mario R. Salinas, BSN, RN, CEN

Air Evac Lifeteam

Laredo, Texas

“Being able to obtain a clinical doctorate online in two years allowed me to further my education and truly apply evidence-based practice to my clinical practice; something that was not a part of my graduate school curriculum 20 years ago.”

Dawn M. Moore MA, CCC/SLP

Owner, Expressions Speech & Language Center

Burlington, NC

“RMUoHP is not just any university. It is one of the great successes of the modern healthcare system of the United States. The limited residency program does not only enable students to inculcate the skills they need for evidence-based practice, it also enriches lives as individuals get to create great friendships personally and professionally, for life. I was privileged to have experienced this first hand.”

Glory Dioh-Esona, DNP Student

Atlanta, GA

“I was fortunate to find RMUoHP through a professional contact within the NSCA; my state director. She knew I was looking to obtain a terminal degree focused on human performance and/or health promotion, yet couldn’t travel away from St. Louis to attend a resident program. The thing that told me I made a great decision was meeting the faculty during out onsite visits. The faculty has been world class. The second best part, and ultimately the most important part, has been the connections I’ve made with my peers both in my cohort and those from other cohorts. Getting my doctoral degree from RMUoHP has been the best professional decision I have made and I can’t wait to get my dissertation finished and published!”

Victor Kizer, MS, CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D

Maryville University, St. Louis, MO

Guardian Performance Institute, St. Louis, MO

“Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) is a great institution for any healthcare professionals who want to advance their careers by learning the most current up-to-date practices in their fields. The faculty are “the best of the best” in the United States in their respective areas.”


Assistant Professor

Athletic Training Program

Department of Kinesiology

University of Mary, Bismarck, ND

“My PhD training experience at RMUoHP was truly incredible. My career has really taken off since starting PhD training. The program is fantastic for many reasons including the ability to participate in an intensive training process without having to move. This is very important for mid career professionals. Furthermore, the faculty that are a part of RMUoHP cultivate a culture of excellence.”

Derek Clewley (OS)

“Attending RMUoHP was a life-changing experience for me both personally and professionally! Completing this doctorate degree has allowed me to expand my career pursuits, while making a positive contribution to the provision of state-of-the-art, quality healthcare services.”

Jeanne Chaclas, ClinSciD, CCC-SLP

Worcester, MA

“My life is busy! I work full time and am raising 4 children, among multiple other demands. RMUoHP has allowed me to accomplish my goals of furthering my education while maintianing my job and still allowing time for my family. I appreciate and have been impressed with the exceptional caliber of the faculty. They have been wonderful, and even better, they are real people that understand the demands of life. Thank you for this experience.”

Thomas Tervort BSN

Worcester, MA

“My experience at RMUoHP was life-changing. The support of the faculty played an integral part in my success. RMUoHP is a quality institution that I am proud to be an alumni of.”

Lori Mayfield, DNP (student), RN. Intermountain Healthcare, St. George, UT

“The Master of Science in Health Science Rehabilitative Science track program allowed me to earn my Master’s degree while working as a full-time Athletic Trainer. The program improved my research skills which have allowed me to incorporate more evidence-based practices into my daily career.”

Ryan Greer, MSHS, ATC

“The education and experiences that I have gained during my time at RMUoHP have set me apart from my colleagues and have allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined. I will graduate from the institution and be prepared to be an emerging leader in my field and ready to promote change at the local, regional and national level.”

Jason Edsall PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS,

Director of Athletic Training Education,
Marywood University, Scranton PA

“This was a wonderful place to continue my professional education”

Barbara Johnson, LOTR

“RMUoHP was a great experience. I gained a vast amount of knowledge, professionalism, and leadership that has truly helped me grow as a practitioner and as a person. Could not be happier with the gains I have made.”

Jenna Thacker, OTR/L ProRehab, P.C.

Evansville, IN

“The OTD program of RMUoHP is well-designed for working occupational therapists seeking advancement in their respective practice setting.”

Francis Cuyugan, OTR/L

“Although RMU is growing in numbers, faculty, staff, and administration have done a fantastic job at making me feel like I am the only one on campus. As I finish up my schooling and begin my practice, I feel prepared to not only make a difference in the lives of my patients, but also in my profession.”

Jamie Alexander, DPT, ATC

“I am thankful for a program that was pediatric specific for the transitional DPT program. I appreciated that every class and assignment were tailored to the pediatric client and that I had the opportunity to make this opportunity beneficial to both myself in professional learning and to my patients. This program motivated me to step forward into new roles and develop a program that has touched many people.”

Tammy Buck, PT, DPT

Fayetteville, GA

“My experience at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has been the best experience of my professional career. The classes were small and the professors were renown in their profession. I never felt like a number during my experience. The staff and faculty provided answers to all of my many questions and they were of tremendous help with the paperwork and graduation process. Dr. Marie-Eileen Onieal inspired me every step of the way and never let me lose sight with the ultimate goal of becoming an expert in my field. I will always recommend Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions to all my colleagues who want to advance their education!”

Maricca Niemiec, DNP, ARNP-C

Physician Associates and Vistas Hospice
Winter Springs, FL

“Getting a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree in the hand therapy track at RMUoHP has been the best move for my career both personally and professionally. My practice, my clients and my energy to contribute to the profession have benefited from my education.”

Lori Algar, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

Northeast Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery
Waterbury, CT

“I spent a year examining different degree programs and universities before deciding to enroll at RMUoHP. I completed my Master’s degree online through another institution so I was comfortable with the format and liked RMUoHP’s addition of two on-campus learning sessions. I was extremely satisfied with my entire experience with RMUoHP and the program. Communication is vital with distance learning and I found the university’s staff and faculty to be responsive and respectful of my time as a working professional. The majority of my instructors were leaders in their fields. They brought high levels of experience and professionalism to the courses. They always sought to include the varied practice settings of the students into examples and assignments. I found the work load to be commensurate with my Master’s degree. I found the academic instruction and assignments to be rigorous and appropriate for working professionals. I also believe my education and degree were key to my promotion to a senior therapist position at work. Overall, the program and its benefits exceeded my expectations and are proving to be instrumental in my career development. Thank you.”

Lisa O’Connell, DPT, PT, MS, PCS

Flemington, NJ

“I enjoyed my learning experience at RMUoHP and never regretted my decision to pursue my OTD. While balancing work, school and family may be difficult at times, it was well worth my efforts. I received a promotion at my workplace accompanied by an increase in salary immediately following completion of my coursework. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of seeking an OTD to attend RMUoHP!”

Loriann Helgeson, OTD, OTR/L

Bluffdale, UT

“Over the past 24 years I have enjoyed a very fulfilling career as an occupational therapist. To keep up with current graduates, I really wanted to get my OTD, but did not think it would be possible. I had one year left before my own kids would start heading to college. I looked into the RMUoHP program and was hooked on the pediatric science specialty that could be completed in 3 semesters, 11 months. As it turns out it’s one of the best decisions I have every made! The RMUoHP OTD program has provided me with an education and practical integration of evidence-based methods and leadership skills. Through the web-based learning and onsite coursework, I have developed a network of colleagues from across the country and transformed my clinical skills to a level that I never realized existed!”

Yvonne Cosentino, OTR, OTR/L

OT for Kids
Springfield, IL

“I enrolled in the RMUoHP transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program because I was looking for an environment that offered high quality instruction that facilitated face-to-face interaction with colleagues and instructors. I could not have been more please with my experience! The instructors are experts within their respective specialty areas and very competent and capable. Their ability to teach, in my experience, was of the highest quality. Furthermore, the on-site blocks of instruction not only facilitated great instruction, but also the ability to interact with professional colleagues, and establish friendships that continue beyond the schoolhouse. My experience and satisfaction greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to further his or her education.”

Andrew W. Milligan, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Sierra Vista Regional Health Center
Sierra Vista, AZ

“RMUoHP is best described as an undiscovered treasure chest for students around the world. The cohorts are significantly smaller than in larger universities. This translates to dedicated, personal attention, quick responses to any communication, reminders of pending deadlines, and most of all a desire for to faculty and staff to have you graduate ASAP. The course fees and tuition are affordable at almost any budget. Flexible payment plans came in very handy. The university is fully accredited and participates in many programs which help with scholarship grants. Everyone is somehow connected and knew exactly where I was in my stage of the program. This is a young university and still growing in many ways. If you are still in “party mode,” you’ve come to the wrong place but if you are ready to work diligently and expedite your graduate degree, welcome aboard. Consider yourself willfully adopted by the “1%” faculty and staff at RMUoHP.”

Julio Lujano, DNP, FNP, RN

Laredo, TX

“I graduated from the OTD program in 2011 following the elective track of Practice Management and Administration. The experience has been one of the best educational experiences I have had. With the assistance of our Graduate Program Director, Dr. Elysa Roberts and the highly experienced faculty, I have achieved a wonderfully didactic education. The curriculum was challenging and fulfilling. It allowed me the opportunity for independent study while requiring a great deal of accountability. The courses challenged my thinking and honed my writing skills. For me the greatest challenge was the understanding of Evidence-Based Practice; how to ask the right questions and how to find the answers that would allow me provide the best treatment possible for my patients, and how to implement them. The elective track of Practice Management and Administration had greatly influenced my managerial skills. Approximately 6 months following my graduation, I received a promotion to the Director of Clinical Services at my place of employment. I feel that the education and skills training received from RMUoHP greatly influenced my employers in selecting me for the position. I speak with many Physical and Occupational Therapists regarding my choice of institutions and recommend RMUoHP at every chance. I am truly grateful for this fine institution, administrators and faculty for their fine work and pray that they continue to educate and challenge all health professionals.”

William Russell Blaylock, OTR, OTR

Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute
Mesquite, TX

“When I retired with 20 years of military duty, it was time to fulfill my lifelong ambition to earn the highest level of academic achievement for my specialty. As a clinician and nurse anesthetist, I gravitated to the newly established DNP. Already a military leader, RMUoHP orchestrated a program of study that refined my leadership abilities and nursing knowledge. In addition, the academic mentors refined my decision-making through research utilization and evidence-based practice. Furthermore, my matriculation at RMUoHP has cultivated a new-found enthusiasm of clinical practice. It has taught me to assimilate evidence-based investigations and implement constructive practice changes to elevate the quality of care in the anesthesia community.”

Thomas J. Evans, DNP, CRNA

Wilford Hall Medical Center
Lackland Air Force Base, TX

“My experience at RMUoHP was amazing, challenging, and rewarding. The faculty were ALL highly esteemed, respected, and available. For a father of two and a full-time PT with a busy practice, the curriculum RMUoHP provides was a perfect fit. RMUoHP helped me continue my career learning drive and paves the way for future success.”

Keith Brown, PT, DPT, STS

Aegis Therapies, Brandywood Rehabilitation Center
Gallatin, TN

“I have always been interested in teaching and hope to one day be a professor of occupational therapy. After one year of working in brain injury rehabilitation, I felt ready for a new challenge. I had started to feel like I was following a routine and did not always have evidence to support my interventions. I pulled out information that I had collected from conferences as a student and started doing research on the OTD degree. I pursued the post-professional doctorate after I heard positive feedback from graduates and found out RMUoHP was accredited. I have completed this program knowing that the OTD is a crucial step towards my goals in academia. Being a fairly new graduate/novice clinician gave me a unique perspective on the courses. Clinical experience was critical in helping me understand concepts that I was not prepared for as a graduate student. I have gained skills in evidence-based practice that will help me continue to be a skillful practitioner. I was very pleased with the education I received at RMUoHP and feel that it will enhance my practice and propel me into leadership in occupational therapy.”

Dianna Medina, OTD, OTR

Transitional Learning Center
Galveston, TX

“RMUoHP provides the most advanced education packaged in an unique educational structure that can meet the needs of graduate students of the new millennium. In addition, RMUoHP implements this unique educational experience with field scholars whose knowledge and professional experience could not be assimilated in a traditional graduate school framework. For these reasons RMUoHP is my #1 recommendation for students seeking top tier graduate education in health profession field of study.”

Gregory D. Myer, PhD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

“I have very much enjoyed Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) which focuses on health professionals through their mission and philosophy. The teachers fueled my interests and made an incredible difference to learning. RMUoHP provided a traditional school environment while I was able to maintain my professional and personal existence. The greatest strength I learned at RMUoHP is communication with others about schoolwork. It provided the foundation for the outcomes-oriented, evidence-based practice degree which I sought. In addition, the facilities are wonderful but are even more spectacular with the view on campus. Thank you for providing me with such a virtuoso education. I would highly recommend the program to my fellow colleagues.”

Caroline Raskiewicz, CRNA, BSBA, DNP

Wyoming Valley Health Systems
Wilkes Barre, PA

“The reason I pursued the OTD was to better myself as a Rehab Manger and to set up the possibility for teaching at the university level once I retired. Rocky Mountain was the perfect fit for me as all of the classes were pertinent to my job as a manager as well as a way to encourage and challenge my staff. I have no doubt that my vision and plan for my department has changed and is stronger as a result of my experience and classes at RMUoHP. In the end, I hope that my patients and families will benefit – and isn’t that what it is all about? I found that through my time as a student, I was constantly applying my knowledge – I did not have to wait until I graduated. Although the path was difficult, the constant application within our Rehab Center was an encouragement to me and made me want to learn more – and even try harder. I find it interesting that I also seemed to receive a respect from persons throughout my organization as well as included on projects I may have never seen before. I seemed to have also gained a certain level of confidence and critical thinking that I have not experienced before – and this has positively impacted my performance as a manager. Lastly, upon submitting my final assignment I was contacted to teach at a prestigious university. I recently completed my first semester of teaching and have been asked to return. In the end, I met all of my goals that I desired – and then some!”

Sue Harlow, OTD, OTR/L

TriHealth – Good Samaritan Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

“I chose Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions because I wanted to learn about evidence-based practice. The program was challenging and enlightening. Once I had earned my t-DPT degree I was giving a presentation on evidence-based care in physical therapy to insurance personnel for a state chapter of the APTA. Several months later I received a call from a large healthcare organization asking me to join their national utilization management committee. Two of their employees had been in the audience the day I presented and recommended me for the position. For several years now I have been privileged to be part of this UM committee as a consultant. This committee provides input on the crafting of policies that are intended to guide clinicians in providing care to their clients that is supported by the best evidence available. The policies are developed through a rigorous analysis and interpretation of the scientific literature. Thanks to the knowledge I gained at RMU, I am able to utilize evidence-based practice for more than direct patient care.”

David A. Vernier, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

St. Luke’s Hospital
Maumee, OH

“I am a physical therapist who decided to work in a rural New Mexico community directly after college graduation some 24 years ago. Returning to school was an important decision based on my desire to update my skills and network with peers. After the initial shock of revamping my routine to accommodate academics, I was stimulated and challenged by the wonderful curriculum, instructors, and classmates. I decided to work part-time during the school year and I obtained an educational line of credit.The coursework was steeped in current evidence-based information and the onsite visits to Provo proved beneficial. For anyone deliberating on whether to pursue this challenge I strongly advise going toward RMUoHP. The professional atmosphere and staff were available during all of the process and the format for the tDPT program proved invaluable to me after I graduated!”

Lisa Crenshaw, PT, DPT

Carrizozo, NM

“As a business owner and practicing therapist I was concerned about the time required to complete the coursework. While it is very demanding, the faculty and staff were very accommodating and accessible. The coursework has changed my practice perspective and I have more confidence when talking with colleagues and other medical professionals as well as patients. I have used the skills to promote the practice of physical therapy in legislative and insurance settings. I highly recommend the program.”

Quinn Millington, PT, DPT, ECS, OCS, ATC

PT Solutions
Montgomery, AL

“Through the evidence-based practice (EBP) education at RMUoHP, which I’ve shared with my CNO/mentor, I was chosen to transform a small research committee into a large EBP and research Council. I have also been included in the Nursing Cabinet Council in my organization and chosen by my CNO to represent my organization at a Magnet networking conference. I have been recruited to provide presentations for our nurse leadership program and assigned to establish an EBP project surrounding this newly developed training. I feel well equipped to work with the education leader (a nursing PhD) in formulating measurable and publishable projects. Additionally, the local University recruited me to instruct two additional advanced nursing courses. On a state level, through my DNP health policy independent study, I have been appointed to the Board of Nursing: Nursing Practice Committee in Sept. This occurred through my health policy mentors, whom are very involved in the legislative and practice process. The North Dakota NP Association has contacted me regarding assistance in the state Medicaid issue. I feel that this program has propelled me into a new level of practice. Thank you Rocky Mountain University!”

Stacey Pfenning, ARNP, FNP, DNP

St. Alexius Emergency and Trauma Center
University of Mary, FNP Program

“Getting my OTD at RMUoHP was the greatest thing I ever did (besides becoming an OT).I loved the classes, the professors, the staff, and the location.The scheduling of assignments was done brilliantly, staggering them so that I could work steadily and not be overwhelmed throughout the sessions.I am amazed at all that I learned during my education at RMUoHP.Since completing my degree, I refer back to lessons constantly, and have gained confidence in myself beyond my imagination.I would recommend this program to anyone who is seriously ready to propel themselves to a new level.”

Jennifer Wells, OTD, OTR

Therapy Management Corporation (West Palm Beach, FL)
Juno Beach, FL

“I enjoyed my DNP program at RMU so much, I’m going back for a PhD.”

Kathryn Reveles, DNP, RNc, CPNP, CNS

The University of Texas at El Paso
Humble, TX

“My experience completing the pediatric elective track in the occupational therapy doctoral program has been a truly wonderful professional and personal experience. The time spent on campus meeting fellow students from around the US was really fun. It has been a privilege to learn with such an awesome group of professionals. The camaraderie and support from students around me in addition to the faculty at RMUoHP made even the most difficult assignments manageable. I can honestly say that all assignments were in some way directly applicable to the patient care I was providing, making for a very meaningful learning experience.”

Abby Fry, OTD, OTR/L

St. Luke’s – Elks Children’s Rehab
Boise, ID

“After many looks at various doctorate level programs in Athletic Training, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions was the best choice I’ve made about education to date! With its limited residency model of education, it has allowed me to balance my position as a Director of Athletic Training Education, in addition to having proper time to fulfill the needs of doctorate level work. Thanks to a very insightful all-star faculty of sports medicine, research methods, and pedagogy experts, I have learned much about the latest clinical theories, as well as how to properly decipher the current literature and practices of evidence based medicine. I highly recommend RMUoHP and its Athletic Training model, for it has let me maintain my family lifestyle, as well as given me the knowledge that I felt was lacking in my career.”

Ethan M. Kreiswirth, PhD (ABD), ATC

Director, Athletic Training Education
Concordia University, Irvine
Irvine, CA

“Obtaining my OTD from RMUoHP was such a positive experience. I met and was mentored by amazing faculty who challenged me and encouraged me both personally and professionally. Not only did I gain a new appreciation for evidence- based practice, but I was also challenged to continue on the journey to participate in improving the evidence and treatment for those individuals we serve.”

Nancy Wesolowski, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

Mackarey & Mackarey Physical Therapy
Clarks Summit, PA

“The DNP program at RMUofHP is an awesome educational opportunity. Definitely user friendly and is especially well suited for the working CRNA. The faculty is clinically focused and always available for guidance. The knowledge I have gained through the program has been remarkable and has truly enhanced my practice.”

Scott Kauffman, DNP, MHS, CRNA

Elkline Enterprises
Raleigh, NC

“Our private practice in Pleasant Hill, CA is now more marketable towards local patients and referrals due to having (2) DPTs on staff and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

Nolan Arieta, PT, DPT

Alhambra Valley Physical Therapy
Pleasant Hill, CA

“I’m so happy that I chose RMU for my [Nursing] doctoral program. I’m so satisfied with staff and instructors and feel that I have received the finest education possible. Thanks to all of you for everything.”

Barbara Robison, DSc, RN

Twin Falls, Idaho

“I will leave it to others to discuss the professionalism and scholarship which await prospective students of RMUoHP. My reflection immediately brings to mind an initial concern I had at the onset of the program. I worried about keeping all of the balls in the air, so to speak, as I moved through the program: wife, mother (of three teenagers), professional, and student. RMU became an oasis for me, where I could travel to, and immerse myself in the language of advanced practice within my profession, and collaborate with faculty and colleagues without distraction. It is a model for learning that I would (will!) gladly repeat. Thank you.”

Arlene Verno, PT, DPT

Sewell, NJ

“With a limited residency model, the RMUoHP degree programs are designed for the working professional. I was able to continue practicing full-time as a clinician while working on my degree. The RMUoHP staff and expert instructors were the heart of the program. They, as well as the students, brought multi-disciplinary clinical knowledge and expertise from all areas of the world. I have and will continue to recommend RMUoHP as the university of choice for the working healthcare professional.”

Kara Baxter, DNP, FNP-C

McKinney, TX

“RMU’s curriculum is ideal for practicing clinicians. I utilized current clients and clinical scenarios for my case studies and research assignments. The knowledge I obtained directly and immediately increased my effectiveness as an occupational therapist.”

Robyn Wu, MS, OTD, OTR/L

St. Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services
Meridian, Idaho

“The professional development I received at RMUoHP was second to none. The academic faculty was the best in the country, and the methods devised by the University to help me gain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (while continuing to work as a private practitioner) were innovative.”

Mark A. Waldrop, PT, DPT

Newberry Physical Therapy
Newberry, South Carolina

“I highly recommend the Health Promotion and Wellness doctoral program to anyone looking to further their education and open the doors to unlimited possibilities. This program offers me academically challenging courses with the flexibility to focus on my personal areas of interest. The faculty and staff at RMU are incredibly passionate about the vision of this program and the success of each and every student. They have created an environment where I know I will be successful! This format allows me to interact and learn from experts in the field and gives me the opportunity to network with a very diverse group of health professionals from all over the country.”

Lisa Lewis

Peoria, AZ

“I was not interested in a bench science PhD tract, yet for years I did not see an alternative. Rocky Mountain provided the clinical focus at a doctoral level that I felt was better suited to my strengths and interests. The small class allowed for maximum discussions and debates with my fabulous classmates (an invaluable part of the experience) and with the expert instructors that were flown in from across the country. Because the instructors were not limited to those within driving distance, each instructor selected for our program was truly a recognized expert in that topic area. What a fantastic learning experience! I am still working towards my degree, but I am very, very happy that I chose Rocky Mountain for my doctoral program. I am definitely a stronger PT because of my participation in this curriculum.”

Mary Massery PT, DSc, DPT

APTA Florence Kendall Award Recipient 2002
Massery Physical Therapy
Glenview, IL

“I love the format of this program. It allows you to work full-time, be a full-time student and still continue to maintain some balance in your life. The support from RMU administration, the graduate program director, and my classmates are what have helped me throughout this program. I am so impressed with the quality of the education that I have received at RMU. RMU is very student centered, which is difficult to find with most doctoral programs.”

MarySue Ingman PT, MS

Assistant Professor/Assistant Director of Clinical Education
DPT Program
College of St. Catherine
Minneapolis, MN

“As a family nurse practitioner for the last 10 years at Marana Community Health Center, which is home to 400,000 uninsured and uninsured patients at 14 clinics in southeastern Arizona, I have experienced the challenges and frustrations of knowing things could be better, yet not knowing exactly how to improve them. Thus, was the impetus for returning to school for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. While completing the coursework for the doctoral degree, I initially perceived I was doing busywork. As I put the new learning concepts into practice, I realized how well Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions had prepared me for an advanced role. The MCHC leadership was so impressed with my work that I was offered and assumed the role as Assistant Medical Director. So, I say a huge THANK YOU to RMUoHP for the rigor of the program and to the professors who always demanded the best, forcing me to build the skills that have enabled me to succeed in this new role.”

Deborah Hanks, DNP, FNP-C

Assistant Medical Director,
Marana Community Health Center
Marana, AZ

“I chose to attend Rocky Mountain University because of the flexibility in schedule, a curriculum based on evidence based medicine, and the emphasis in research. As a practicing clinician, if I cannot read the literature and understand the studies, the chances of being reimbursed for my procedures becomes less likely and my patients suffer from my inability to use the best possible procedures for their injuries.I stayed at Rocky Mountain University when the times got tough because my program director is not scared to bring in the BEST of the BEST in the country to teach the subject matter at hand. Compared to a ‘normal University setting where a student is ‘stuck’ with whatever instructor is employed at the University, RMU continues to seek the professionals that ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’. They fly these instructors in to teach the courses and we get top notch instruction almost every time I go to Utah.

I will continue to recommend RMU to other professionals for the relationships and networking that I have done with my classmates and my professors. Never before have I had a such a large resource of individuals to call upon when I have a question in a certain subject matter. Instead of staying on my little island of segregation in my clinic, I feel like I have a library of references across the country to call upon when I need help with either a clinical decision, research question, or miscellaneous concern. The support and friendship of my classmates makes me miss them when we are not in session. Graduation will be bitter sweet to not have any more class time with these scholars but I know the friendships will last a lifetime.”

Edward C. Le Cara, DC, ATC, CSCS, NASM-CES

SportsPlus: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Pleasanton, CA

“The limited residency program is a perfect way to combine independence with collaboration and friendship united by premier instructors. It was tough…and should be, it is a doctorate program! RMUoHP was perfect for me where the staff pay attention to all details and I can stress about homework and the capstone project.”

Maria Kidner, DNP, FNP-BC

Cheyenne Cardiology Associates
Cheyenne, WY

“I am pleased and honored to be the first OT graduate of Rocky Mountain University. I chose RMU because of the innovative approach to learning. Long distance independent study, plus on-campus studies made it possible for me to complete my education according to my personal learning needs and abilities. I found the administrative staff to be easily approachable, concerned about my success and always open to feedback. My professors were stimulating, supportive and encouraging. They were especially helpful with my dreaded subject, statistics. My advisor and statistics professor thoroughly counseled me in a most supportive manner until I felt I had a thorough grasp on the subject. It was just what I needed to successfully complete my requirements. Coursework required active study and continual work, which enhanced my knowledge and understanding of our profession. PT and OT classmates were a delight. Students were excellent clinicians, academics, authors, and experts in their field. I found the time spent on campus, with the students, to be the highlight of the program. Lifetime friendships were made during the RMU experience. My entire experience at RMU, from beginning to end, was a pleasure. The RMU curriculum prepared me to participate in the active research that I am doing today, and helped me to understand the clinical value and usefulness of a scientific approach in the occupational therapy profession. I strongly recommend the RMU program to any busy clinician who enjoys working independently, but still seeks a supportive learning environment. The RMU program offers the best of both worlds.”

Vanessa M. Dazio, OTD, OTR/L, (D) ABDA

SAFE Aging
New Port Richey, FL

“As a practicing physical therapist and owner of a private practice over the past 18 years, I was looking for something to spark some excitement back in my profession. RMU was just what I needed – the program was challenging, the instructors were outstanding, and the practical application has made me a much better PT. I would highly recommend RMU to any PT who has a desire to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. Again, what makes RMU is the people and instructors who run the program. Thank you!”

J. Todd Mansfield, PT, DPT, OCS

Southern Tier Physical Therapy
Vestal, New York

“I decided to pursue my Doctor of Science degree in Orthopaedic and Sports at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions for several reasons. The first being how friendly, knowledgeable and considerate the staff was when I first inquired about the program. The second reason was that it allowed for me to continue running my private practice without interruption. The third factor was that it would enable me to learn from the best all around faculty within the profession in one place. I can honestly say that my expectations have been exceeded in terms of the experience and knowledge gained. The graduate program director, Lori Thein Brody, PT, PhD (ABD), SCS, ATC has created an environment in which I felt that my individual needs were considered.”

Sean Roach, PT, DPT, ATC

Bend, OR

“I have had my expectations exceeded. I have grown more academically and made some very dear friends and colleagues.”“I was really excited about the quality of the faculty. They sounded (and are) fantastic!”

“I appreciated the structure and length of the program. When my Director saw the program description, she approved it right away.”

“The best part was the excellence of the staff and the instructors that far exceeded my expectations. Now I can’t wait for my next session.”

Comments from the first Nursing DSc class

“As an Athletic Training Education Program Director and a small business owner, my available time to return for a terminal degree was restricted, especially as a practicing athletic trainer. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions provides me with a challenging and rigorous program, with highly reputable faculty in the field of athletic training from across the country, in a timeframe that allows athletic trainers to continue practicing in their field while advancing in a terminal degree program. The dynamics of the program provide students with support in and out of the classroom as well as implementation of current practices and theories of athletic training to the current job. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions to any athletic trainer looking to attain a terminal degree. It is the only program that has taken into consideration the lifestyle and demands of the practicing ATC and tailored a highly reputable and demanding program for the athletic trainer.”

Michele Monaco, PhD, ATC

Director of Athletic Training Education
Eastern University
St. Davids, PA

“It was just a great experience for me. I actually wish I could do it again. I had so much fun, met so many interesting and good people, and learned so much. RMUoHP is special for me.”

Patrick Van Beveren, PT, DPT, OCS

Fayetteville, NY

“The post-professional programs at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions offer academic excellence for the Occupational Therapy Professional without interrupting your professional responsibilities or social commitments. The faculty is academically supported with various educational achievements, years of clinical experience, and work very hard with the individual student to comprehend and master the class material. The information in the classroom is cutting edge for the profession of Occupational Therapy. This model allows the Occupational Therapy professional to strengthen clinical practice and enhance professional worth in Occupational Therapy. The staff at RMUoHP are wonderful people who go out of their way to assist the post-professional student to be successful while on campus as well as off campus via the web.”

Sandra Pugh, OT, OTD

El Dorado, AR

“I was recently hired to be a full-time faculty member at the National University of Health Sciences in the chiropractic department. I am grateful for the academic work I did at RMUoHP since I feel like it gave me a path right into a teaching position, which I eventually wanted – I didn’t expect to get it so fast. Nor did I expect a full-time position with full benefits.”

Leanne Apfelbeck, DC, MS

Instructor, Department of Chiropractic at the National University of Health Sciences
Lombard, IL

“The tDPT program provides an excellent blend of academic rigor and clinical applicability, allowing the transference of learning to take place from the classroom to the clinic.”

Ronald DeVera Barredo, PT, EdD, DPT, GCS

Arkansas State University

“Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions offers exactly what I was looking for in a doctoral program. This long distance education model allowed me to continue working and not disrupt my family life as a wife and mother. The quality of the faculty is tops. Even with my board certification credentials prior to starting the program, the intensity of the core and specialty classes was challenging and rewarding. I wanted the recognition a DSc degree can afford me and RMUoHP helped me achieve it.”

Elaine Armantrout, PT, DSc, ECS

Seattle, WA

“The DSc program at RMUoHP was the perfect academic setting for me. It enabled me to pursue post-graduate work specifically in my field of interest and expertise, orthopaedics. As the wife of a military officer, I was able to move 3 times during my tenure without loss of course credit or timeline progress. Above all, the quality of the program was tops!”

Carol Brooks, PT, DSc

ACT College
Alexandria, VA

“As the owner of a busy private practice, time is of paramount importance to me. With this in mind I decided to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. My decision to attend Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession’s transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program stemmed from their reputation and outstanding faculty. The program’s design has enabled me to advance my professional development without sacrificing my business. The program’s excellent staff is incredibly supportive and committed to the success of every student. It is with no reservation that I recommend RMUoHP to anyone thinking of advancing his or her healthcare career.”

Aaron M. Lubick, PT, DPT

Owner, AmWell Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, LLC
College Park, MD

“Enrollment in the Neurology DSc program has been an important personal and professional journey for me – challenging my further development as a clinician, faculty member and consultant. By far, the greatest aspect of the program is the opportunity to interact with and learn from expert clinicians who are in the forefront of current neurologic research and treatment! Second to that is the individualized nature of the program, allowing you personal feedback and project development in your own area of interest. It is very rewarding to look at my professional and personal growth of the past two years!”

Kris Legters, PT, DSc, NCS

“As a student in the first Pediatric class, I was initially unsure that the RMUoHP program would serve my needs. I now tell colleagues that the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions program in Pediatric Physical Therapy has been perfect for me. I have been able to continue my clinical practice and receive necessary income. I have not had to relocate to a distant university. What I have loved most about this program is that I have had the privilege of learning from experts in pediatric PT from all over the country. These professors and clinicians can continue to be valuable resources for me as I continue my educational and clinical experiences. I was able to become certified as a Pediatric Specialist in large part due to my participation in this program. Under the superb direction of Dr. Jane Sweeney, I believe that my participation in this program has also resulted in a much higher level of clinical skills for the children and families with whom I work.”

Lisa Dannemiller PT, DSc, PCS

“My experience as a Clinical Electrophysiologic Physical Therapy doctoral student was outstanding. The distance learning model coupled with the intense curriculum made accomplishing advanced education an obtainable goal for the working professional with family obligations. Academically, I sharpened my research skills, became a critical consumer of literature and significantly augmented my electromyographer skills.”

Lisa V. DePasquale, PT, DSc, ECS

“The Pediatric DSc Program at RMUoHP was exactly what I was looking for in a doctoral program. Jane Sweeney, PT, PhD, PCS was instrumental in finding some of the top pediatric instructors in the country to teach the courses. I now feel more comfortable with clinical research, evidence based practice and teaching. I have jumped to a new level of understanding in pediatrics.”

Kathleen Schlough, PT, MS, DSc, PCS

Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education and Assistant Professor
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY

“I found that RMUoHP offered me just what I needed at this stage of my career. I have been practicing for more than 30 years, have specialized in a particular area and have received an APTA board specialty. I lacked a higher degree and the recognition it brings. RMUoHP offered a reasonable curriculum that could be efficiently completed while keeping up with my very busy professional and personal life. Since the beginning, I have been impressed with the officers of RMUoHP and their desire to do things right. I believe that they are pursuing proper accreditation and that they will be successful in obtaining it. I was further impressed with the quality and notoriety of the faculty recruited to teach the DPT curriculum. They were, to a person, outstanding. The university where I teach accepts clinical degrees as an appropriate credential for tenure. I will test that position soon and feel that my degree from RMUoHP will assist significantly in that quest.”

Ron Bybee, PT, DPT, OCS, Dip MDT

Assistant Professor
University of Texas at El Paso

“After ten years of practice, the decision to obtain a post-professional degree in physical therapy essentially resulted from my desire to do one thing help my patients. The Doctor of Science (DSc) degree at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) provided a well-designed curriculum and faculty that facilitated my ability to advance my clinical competence and professional knowledge base. Furthermore, the ability to network with some of the best minds in the profession has been extremely rewarding and continues to provide me many opportunities to grow professionally. If you’re considering advancing your skills and competencies as a primary care provider, I highly recommend RMUoHP post-professional clinical doctorate programs.”

Robert Schulte, PT, DSc, MBA, SCS, ACSM-ES

Assistant Professor / Clinical Specialist
Division of Human Performance Science / Physical Therapy
University of Mary

“The post-professional programs at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions offer academic excellence. The long distance educational model at RMUoHP provides a way to earn a post-graduate degree without interrupting your professional responsibilities or social commitments. The faculty is academically supported with various educational achievements and years of clinical experience. The information provided in the classroom at RMUoHP is clinically relevant and supported with evidence. This model will help strengthen our clinical practice and heighten our worth in the health care profession.”

Jeffrey T. Rybarczyk, PT, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist, Warren, Michigan
Adjunct Faculty, Macomb Community College, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Clinton Township, Michigan

“I made the decision to enter the doctoral program at RMUoHP for several reasons. RMUoHP offers clinically applicable courses complimented by the academic rigor necessary to provide me with the tools and skills to teach and to perform research. While the courses are predetermined, class assignments are often customized to allow the student to explore particular areas of interest within pediatrics. In addition, recruiting the top pediatric therapists in the country to teach and provide clinical and academic mentoring was a tremendous benefit, enhancing my overall experience.Throughout, this program has been invaluable and has significantly changed the way I practice pediatric physical therapy. Furthermore, each classmate brought a unique perspective to the class with a wide variety of clinical expertise. Opportunities for sharing, teaching, and learning were abundant. Both my patients and I have benefited tremendously from this program.”

Allison Yocum PT, DSc, PCS

“Choosing to pursue doctoral education at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions was amongst the best career decisions that I have made. Although I was very satisfied with my career as an educator and clinician, I knew that I still had a lot to learn to enhance my effectiveness as a clinician, teacher and researcher. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions DSc in sports physical therapy allowed me to pursue meaningful doctoral studies in my area of specialty. The model of education allowed me to keep both my teaching and clinical practice positions while enrolled in an academically vigorous doctoral program. The specialty tract and core faculty is comprised of nationally recognized leaders in clinical practice, research and education. Learning and networking with these individuals has opened many doors. I have also benefited from the knowledge and friendship that my classmates brought to the program. Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has helped me to move closer to my goal of becoming a master clinician and teacher.”

Joseph Gallo, PT, DSc, ATC

Associate Professor

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