Graduation & Commencement



What is it? Graduation is the process whereby your degree is conferred so that you can officially use your new title/credentials. Upon your graduation, (if you have no outstanding financial obligations to the University), your diploma is mailed to you approximately three weeks later. Commencement is the symbolic ceremony held in Utah to celebrate the completion of your degree. Degrees are not officially conferred in the ceremony, nor do you actually receive your diploma here.
Is it required? Yes! You must apply to graduate in the semester in which you will complete your academic requirements. Attendance is not required, but highly encouraged don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate your achievements!
When does it occur?
The last day of each trimester. Upcoming graduation dates are listed below:
Fall 2014 – December 19, 2014
Winter 2015 – April 24, 2015
Summer 2015 – August 21, 2015
The first Saturday of August each year.
What form/fee is required?
Commencement Registration form (via survey – obtain link from Registrar). No University fee is required, but you must purchase or rent your own regalia.
What is the deadline to apply? (This is the deadline to apply only – declaring your intent to graduate that semester. Degree requirements must then be met by the last day of the semester.)

Fall Semester – October 20
Winter Semester – February 23
Summer Semester – June 22
End of May
What are the eligibility requirements (these don’t have to be met upon application - just by the deadline stated)?
All Programs:
- Successful completion of all courses with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
DSc/PhD programs:
- Qualifying Exam Pass
– Practicum Completed and Approved (if applicable-reference your curriculum)
– Final IRB Report approved
– Manuscript incorporating all committee revisions must be submitted to the Director of Research no later than ONE MONTH prior to degree completion deadline
– Receipt of approved, bound dissertation by the University
– Receipt of electronic copy of your final dissertation by the University
DNP program:
- Receipt of approved, bound capstone project by the University
– Receipt of electronic copy of your final capstone by the University
– Final IRB Report approved
Those eligible to participate in the August Commencement ceremony include the following:
- Graduates who have been degree conferred within the past 18 months
– tDPT and OTD students who are in their final semester of the program by May 31st, hold the minimum required GPA of 3.00 and have approval from their Graduate Program Director
– DNP, DSc and PhD students who have successfully defended their capstone project or dissertations by July 1st, and have approval from their Graduate Program Director. Email the Registrar for eligibility questions at [email protected]
– Entry-level DPT students are not eligible to participate in the August Commencement ceremony
Those eligible to participate in the December Commencement ceremony include only entry-level DPT students. The tDPT, OTD, SLP, DNP, PhD, and DSc students are not permitted to participate in the December Commencement ceremony.

Further Details on Graduation:

A degree is conferred when the student has completed all academic, financial, and graduation requirements for the course of study as outlined in the University Handbook and with approval of the Board of Trustees. All students must complete program coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.0. DSc and PhD degree students must additionally pass a qualifying exam, complete practicum hours (as applicable), and satisfy all the steps in the dissertation process (committee formation, proposal development and defense, IRB approval) leading to the final defense and subsequent submission and acceptance of the bound dissertation. DNP students must additionally complete and successfully defend the capstone project (which will also require intermediate steps such as proposal defense, capstone advisor approval, and submission of the bound copy of the capstone project).

Students must apply for graduation by completing the graduation application. A graduation fee of $150 for all degree programs is due before the application can be processed. After the application is submitted, the Registrar conducts an audit of academic records and the University Finance Office audits the financial records. Students who clear the academic audit and desire their diplomas/transcripts released upon degree conferral must be cleared by the financial audit.

Recommendations for degree conferral require sequential approval of the Program Director or Co-Directors, the Provost, and the President, who recommends conferral to the Board of Trustees (BoT). The Chair of the BoT confers all degrees awarded by RMUoHP. Following BoT approval, the degree is officially conferred, and the graduate can begin using the credentials once notified by the Registrar. The following will occur once the Registrar is notified of the BoT action: 1) the Registrar will notify the student of approval via email or other written format, 2) the diploma will be ordered, and 3) the diploma will be mailed to the student with a copy of the final official transcript. Those students who have completed all academic requirements and have had their degree conferred, but who also have outstanding financial obligations to the University, will not receive official transcripts and diplomas until cleared by the University Finance Office.

The registration deadline for the 2015 August Commencement Ceremony is May 31, 2015.

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